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The best

self defense training you will ever get!


IMPACT  changes lives. Taking charge of your own personal safety is a game-changer. Once you believe that your life is worth fighting for and that you have the right to live a safe and violence-free life, a transformation can occur in the way you approach life.


Real self defense practice

The training includes realistic scenarios that we face in everyday life, with strangers and with people closer to us. It not only addresses physical techniques, it also focuses on verbal deescalation skills and responding under stress.

A new understanding of your power

Many of us have never had the opportunity to hit an object with their full power, never mind with permission to use anger to fuel that power. Once you know you can fight for your life and win, the way you carry yourself, value yourself, and interact with others shifts.


For everyone!

This course is open for everyone as of 18 years old, regardless of gender or physical conditioning. The objective is that you learn to defend yourself with your body and your strengths. Whether you are a martial artist or self defense practitioner, or you have never set foot in a dojo before, this course is for you!

16 hour course

In this 16-hour, realistic and full contact IMPACT course, a team of instructors will guide you through several conflict scenarios in which they focus on verbal deescalation, stress management, and physical self defense skills.

24 - 30 October

Monday 24:       19 - 22h

Tuesday 25:       19 - 22h

Friday 28:           19 - 22h

Saturday 29:       14 - 18h

Sunday 30:         14 - 18h


The training will take place in the city centre of Namur. Easily reachable by car and public transport. 

Exact location to follow.

open for everyone

This training is unique in it's design and open to anyone who wants to discover their true power. From individuals who have no training whatsoever, to experienced martial artists and self defense practitioners.

€ 399,- 

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT empowers individuals to take control of their safety through realistic verbal and physical skills training, that allow one to discover the real power behind their abilities

Originated in the USA and with 35 years of evidence-based training and development, IMPACT can be considered the leading and most realistic self defense system in the world. 

For more information, please visit our website.



Self Defense instructor

As a self defense instructor, but mostly as a woman, I have found IMPACT an invaluable experience. I have seen myself and my co-participants, regular men and women with no training whatsoever, face our fears and discover powers we did not think we had. 
The instructors allow for an inclusive and layered approach that allows for anyone, regardless of training or physical conditioning, to discover their true inner warrior.

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