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16 hour course

In this 16-hour, realistic and full contact IMPACT course, a team of instructors will guide you through several conflict scenarios in which they focus on verbal deescalation, stress management, and physical self defense skills.

24 - 30 October

Monday 24:       19 - 22h

Tuesday 25:       19 - 22h

Friday 28:           19 - 22h

Saturday 29:       14 - 18h

Sunday 30:         14 - 18h


The training will take place in the city centre of Namur. Easily reachable by car and public transport. 

Exact location to follow.

open for everyone

This training is unique in it's design and open to anyone who wants to discover their true power. From individuals who have no training whatsoever, to experienced martial artists and self defense practitioners.

€ 399,- 

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